Firearms Sales
We are proudly providing ammo in a variety of calibers. We are browsing the gun related auctions and importers to provide our customers not only the common calibers but more of the rare once that are not available in common big store retailers.
Need an accessory for your gun, a holster, a scope, a rail, ...? Come see out inventory and you will be able to find a veriaty of the accessories and parts for all your needs. We will also install anything we sell.
Please visit our listings at or contact us for the firearms availablity and pricing.
At AM Shooting we are browsing the auctions and shop with the top distributers to constantly give our clients an access to the variety of the firearms ranging from the items that people would like to add to their collections to the modern firearms for hunting or home defense.
In addition to selling the firearms, we buy the firearms from the public.  We typically pay 60% to 75% of the going price for any firearm. Please keep in mind, when we make an offer we are buying to resell, so we cannot give you the 'going price' for your gun. Feel free to email us with what you have, and we can give you an estimate, but we must see the gun before committing to purchasing it.
Please visit our listings at or contact us for the firearms availablity and pricing.
Standard gunsmith packages/Prices:
Every firearm requires cleaning. In the ideal world the owners should clean their firearms every time they shoot it. An even in this circumstance, the firearms should be professionally disassembled and cleaned once every few years. Our gunsmith will disassemble the firearm, inspect the vital parts, clean and oil the firearm.
No one can expect any accuracy from the rifle or a handgun if it has not been sighted correctly. We are offering the professional bore sighting without the necessity of the range visit. After we sight the rifle, the shooter will be able to, at least, hit the target.
Used firearm inspection
Regardless whether a firearm was transferred through us or not, we are offering the inspection of the used firearms to ensure they are safe to fire. And, even though there is no guarantee until the gun is fired, this inspection will give a client peace of mind that there is nothing obviously wrong with the firearm.
Used firearms repair
AM Shooting will provides professional repair of the firearms. The repair can be done in form of replacement of the parts, refinishing the surfaces and repairing the stocks if required.
More expensive, collectible firearms cannot be simply repaired or refinished. Those firearms have to be restored. The restoration process required to return the firearm to the original state. Parts will be replaced with the original parts or parts made to the original specifications. The stock and metal surfaces will be restored to the original color.
Gun accessorizing and customization
Buying a stock firearm is just like buying a stock car. It works fine but lacks the individuality and the performance is geared toward the average shooter. The way to personalize the firearm and to improve its performance is to customize and accessorize it. AM Shooting will provide the customization services that include trigger jobs, re-barreling, stocks replacement and scope installation and sighting.
Service / Basic Price

AR Platform builds and customization :$200 labor + parts
Gunsmith Services - Cleaning: $30
Gunsmith Services – Sighting (not including scope installation): $25
Gunsmith Services – Sighting w\ scope installation (clients scope and rings): $65
Gunsmith Services – Sighting w\ scope installation our scope and rings: $55 + parts
Gunsmith Services - Used firearm inspection (limited): $30 + parts
Gunsmith Services - Used firearms repair: $40/h labor + parts
Gunsmith Services - Restoration: $50/h labor + parts
Gunsmith Services - Gun accessorizing and customization: $40/h labor + parts