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Long Guns
Hand Guns
Now you do not have to worry about your local store's inventory. If we do not have the item in stock and not able to get it for you at the mutually agreeable price, we will do a transfer for your online purchase. Please visit our transfers page for details.
Quality used and new long guns for variety of activities ranging from recreational shooting to hunting and competitions. Frieandly, professional service and fair prices.
Handguns for any occasion. Home defence, tearget shooting or collection. Frieandly, professional service and fair prices.
Every once in a while a firearm needs a little extra love from a professional gunsmith. Whether it is a detailed cleaning, sighting or a repair of non working firearms, clients can trust us to complete the wotk on time and achieve the best possible results. We Provide:
  • Basic cleaninig, sighting and safety inspections
  • Parts replacement with originals and firearms customization
  • Repairs
  • Restorations
Firearm Customization
Would you like to add a scope to your rifle or railing to your AR-15? Would you like to make a triger pull lighter? Do you have any other ideas of customizing your firearm? Come to us, bring your accessories  and we will help to make those ideas a reality.
If you have an old gun that you love and want to keep but it is noty in the best shape or not working correctly, bring it to us and we will restore it to the original buty and ensure that it functions safely.
Need an accessory for your gun, a holster, a scope, a rail, ...? Need some ammo to shoot at the range or go hunting? Come see out inventory and you will be able to find a veriaty of the accessories and ammunition. We will also install anything we sell.